Business landscape has changed in so many ways in previous years so do we.


iReach stands for the internet reach, where internet can reach your business can reach too. You can change the lives of people with your bright ideas and products beyond any physical borders and jurisdictions. At iReach our operational group will continuously meet and explore new strategic ways to use digital marketing tools so that we could bring your products and services in the hands of users who would benefit from your creation.



iHuman stands for human intelligence. At iHuman we explore evolving human behaviour and cultures to better understand the ever changing needs and wants of people and we challenge the norms to serve our fellow beings with something better than before that astonishes there inner self and proves to bring happiness and satisfaction by giving them complete solution of their problems. We bring those results to write content for your site according to our customers business strategy and target market that is to add value to your business.


iCreation stands for creative intelligence behind the creation of the Universe. At iCreation we consider every aspect of Universe and follow the steps that nature has used to bring and evolve life into creation. We follow the same rhythm to create a masterpiece site for your business so you can express your knowledge of evolved products and services in algorithms so the surfer of Internet finds guided until reaches the point of sale.


At iProcure we help you explore new avenues of growth for your business by helping you explore ways and techniques to do business with Public Sector organisations. So you can become one of the suppliers of public sector organisations. This is to give your business extra boost through knowledge building exercises streamlined public sector processes to gain a contract.

If you are looking to become a public sector supplier and do not know where to start, how to become a business that could supply goods to public sector organisations, then you are at the right place we not only have made it simple for you to understand Procurement but also will help you gain access to the network of information you required at right time and the links which will help you locate the opportunities and do business with success.


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